Duravit has launched a stylish new bathroom series conceived by Philippe Starck.

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Just like that carefree feeling you get from a short break by the sea: Duravit’s new Soleil by Starck bathroom series is designed to create a natural and relaxed atmosphere with its subtle and elegant lines (bathroom furniture D-Neo in Oak Terra)

Soleil by Starck is a totally new bathroom series that has been exclusively created for Duravit.  Conceived by Philippe Starck and inspired by the feeling generated from a day at the beach, its undulating curves and elegant designs make this series suitable for a wide range of bathrooms, at a very attractive price.

The new collection has been devised exclusively for Duravit, with refined lines and relaxed aesthetics, it is a compact yet extremely flexible range. It has options that enable the products to be combined with other furniture series, and has been attractively priced within the medium sector. There is also a lifetime guarantee on all the ceramics making them ideal for everyday use.

Inspired by the carefree and relaxed feeling you get from a short break by the sea: Soleil by Starck generates a natural and comforting atmosphere in any bathroom. The range includes washbasins, toilets, and bathtubs, plus a wide array of furnishing styles.


The form of the basin is reminiscent of dunes shaped by the wind. The gentle contours and fluid transitions create a subtle sense of space while also being easy to clean.

The shape of the washbasin is evocative of grass topped sand dunes fashioned by the wind and it is these gentle contours that subtly transition into a spacious easy-to-clean tap platform, with the delicate external edge serving as an overflow protection. The balanced proportions of the basin size, tap platform and storage areas make the Soleil by Starck washbasins perfect for the everyday.

The balanced proportions of the basin size, tap platform, and storage areas make the Soleil by Starck washbasins perfect everyday companions. The delicate external edge, which serves as overflow protection, also plays a part here.

The collection encompasses three sizes of washbasin, a matching semi-pedestal along with furniture washbasins, above-counter basins, and built-in undercounter washbasins. A hand rinse basin for guest toilets and small rooms completes the array.

The basins are designed to work with other furniture series in the Duravit bathroom catalogue. By cleverly combining products from a cross-section of price segments, including collections such as D-Neo designed by Bertrand Lejoly and XSquare, a multitude of different looks and unique styles can be achieved.

The finesse of the design is also apparent in the Soleil by Starck toilets with their delicate, slightly protruding lid that unobtrusively blends into the room. The lid closes gently and without noise thanks to the soft closure feature.

Toilet design with Hygieneplus
The finesse of this design is apparent in the Soleil by Starck toilets. The lid is slightly protruding and extremely delicate in appearance. It has a ‘soft closure’ feature, which ensures it close slowly without noise, it can also be gripped easily without the user having to touch the seat or ceramic, which is a key factor in terms of advanced hygiene.

In fact, all the wall-mounted toilets are fitted with Duravit’s HygieneFlush technology, which cleans the entire inner surface of the toilet, using only 4.5 litres of water. The perfectly attuned water flow creates a vortex that always guarantees an ideal flushing action, while the highly effective, antibacterial HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze has been baked into the interior of the toilet, killing 90 percent of pathogens within just six hours, and approximately 99.9 percent after 24 hours.


Philippe Starck has masterfully transferred the formal softness and slightly suggested outer rim of the washbasin to the design of the Soleil by Starck bathtubs. As the most affordable Starck bathtub range in the range, it offers a wide range of options, including built-in bathtubs made of acrylic and freestanding bathtubs made of DuraSolid.

Bathtub comfort with a unique design
Philippe Starck has transported the softness of the shape and the curves of the outer edge of the washbasin into the design of the Soleil by Starck bathtubs. There are several options within the product range, including built-in acrylic bathtubs and a free-standing bathtub made from DuraSolid.   The built-in bathtubs have a specially shaped recess for the head, and are available in a variety of single-seater and two-seater models.

The 1600mm freestanding oval bathtub is a highlight piece within this price segment. Its velvety look and feel make it the ideal centre piece for smaller bathrooms, and the smooth design of the bathtub edges means that it is very easy to clean.

When considering fitting, a bonus of the free-standing Soleil by Starck bathtub is that it is delivered to site in a fully pre-assembled state with leg frame and drain, so the process of ordering, installation, and fitting can be managed quickly and safely.

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