Stage craft


Ed Wilson of Foster Wilson Size explains how well-designed theatre spaces can have a life-changing impact on young people’s confidence, creativity, communication skills and careers.

Stage craft2022-05-11T11:50:18+01:00

Festival of Britain


Historic England’s decision to relist nine structures associated with the Festival of Britain recognises the lasting cultural resonance of mid-century modernism and the urgent environmental need to recognise the value of our existing building stock.

Festival of Britain2022-05-11T11:59:29+01:00

Wordsworth Grasmere


Nissen Richards Studio and Purcell have created an engaging new visitor experience for the Museum at Wordsworth Grasmere.

Wordsworth Grasmere2021-08-25T16:38:56+01:00

Museum of the Home


Wright & Wright Architects has skilfully reworked London’s Museum of the Home, revitalising and extending the assemblage of 300-year-old almshouses the interiors museum occupies.

Museum of the Home2021-06-29T09:41:17+01:00

Cromwell Place


Buckley Gray Yeoman creates a unique arts hub from five Georgian terrace houses

Cromwell Place2021-02-18T15:21:09+01:00

Forensic Focus


Books Vicky Richardson welcomes a detailed account of Flores & Prats’ creation of the Sala Beckett theatre from a Barcelona workers’ co-op

Forensic Focus2020-11-27T15:03:26+01:00

Page Turners


Culture Editors behind three new magazines exploring architecture and the built environment explain their approach

Page Turners2020-11-06T09:08:43+01:00

Gothic Revival


Building Review Jack Richards admires a contemporary but contextual addition to the Fratry at Carlisle Cathedral by Feilden Fowles

Gothic Revival2022-01-31T12:10:33+01:00

Dance Partner


Building Review
Glenn Howells Architects’ headquarters for the English National Ballet forms the heart of a new London neighbourhood. Lucy Bullivant reports

Dance Partner2020-04-23T16:11:26+01:00

Access to Art


Building Review
Inclusion is a central principle of Ruff Architects’ Barbican Art Gallery renovation, finds Rachael Marshall

Access to Art2020-04-05T20:13:55+01:00

Garden Gate


A cluster of buildings by Adam Richards Architects encourages visitors to explore the landscape around Walmer Castle

Garden Gate2020-04-08T21:01:41+01:00