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One Chamberlain Square


Eric Parry Architects’ One Chamberlain Square is the latest in a series of office buildings designed by the practice over 30 years. Parry and Tom Emerson discuss the project’s urban ambitions, material character and design development.

One Chamberlain Square2021-05-20T17:58:59+01:00

City Maker


Building Review
At Fen Court, Eric Parry Architects shows how corporate architecture can regain its social and cultural role, says Louisa Hutton

City Maker2022-05-11T13:01:31+01:00

Grade Boundaries


Building Review
Rolfe Kentish welcomes a new arrival in Cambridge by Eric Parry Architects

Grade Boundaries2019-05-15T13:47:52+01:00

Hidden Depths


Eric Parry Architects' Leathersellers' Hall integrates architectural invention with craft

Hidden Depths2019-05-15T13:48:16+01:00

Fine Tuning


Building Review
Nick Hayhurst admires Eric Parry Architects’ new Music School at Brighton College

Fine Tuning2019-05-15T13:48:35+01:00

Building the Block


Building Review
Cindy Walters admires the richly varied response to context in Eric Parry Architects’ 7 & 8 St James’s Square

Building the Block2019-05-17T10:28:36+01:00

Piccadilly Dandy


Building Review
Eric Parry Architects' nimble repair of an urban block at One Eagle Place embodies London’s volatile compound of continuity and change, finds Simon Allford

Piccadilly Dandy2019-05-15T13:49:15+01:00

Eric Parry


My Kind of Town Brussels is a city of interiors of great power and dignity

Eric Parry2022-02-17T18:41:37+01:00