Justin Seldis, MD at Sunsquare introduces Aero Pitch, which is said to be the world’s smartest and most thermally efficient skylight for pitched roofs.

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At Sunsquare we’re renowned for our specialism in designing and manufacturing flat roof skylights, and over the past 18 years, we’ve developed a market-leading range that’s unrivalled for its quality, design, thermal performance, and safety credentials. However, we couldn’t ignore the fact that when it came to pitched roof skylights, there simply wasn’t a model that matched up. We listened to the problems architects were facing with pitched roof models, and as skylight design pioneers we wanted to use our industry knowledge and expertise to develop a solution.

That’s why we created Aero Pitch – our very first model specifically designed for 20-60° roofs. It addresses all the common issues specifiers face, including poor thermal performance, condensation, lack of safety assurance and usability issues. Instead, it’s condensation free, fully automated, safe, and stylish – and for architects, it offers a new level of design flexibility they’ve not had before.

Full design control
We wanted to give specifiers a pitched roof skylight that was as flexible and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Aero Pitch is sleek and stylish, and the best bit is, it can be completely tailor-made to suit any design. Unlike other pitched roof skylights, with Aero Pitch, specifiers aren’t restricted to off-the-shelf sizes. Yes, we offer them too (seven in fact), but it can be made to meet any size specification. Architects can also select from a wide range of glazing options (from acoustic to solar neutral), and its aluminium frame can be powder-coated in any RAL colour to suit any décor. It’s even available in a conservation format to complement more traditional architecture.

For architects, they can now work with one skylight manufacturer for projects with both flat roof and pitched roof skylight requirements. This means they’ll be able to specify bespoke rooflights that look the same and work the same, and with Sunsquare they can also rest assured they’ll be BSI Kitemark accredited for top quality and safety.


Super smart
Not only does Aero Pitch look smart, but it acts smart too. We wanted it to be as user friendly as possible, and that’s why it comes with Smartsquare, the world’s first smart switch as standard. This gives people complete control of their skylight wherever they are, at the touch of a smart phone button or using virtual assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. In addition to opening and closing their skylight, they can also programme it to automatically operate, based on weather conditions, humidity, inside temperature, sunrise, or sunset, or even their proximity to the building.


Unrivalled thermal performance
Aero Pitch offers unrivalled thermal performance with U-values as low as 0.5 W/m2K. This is very welcome news for architects looking to provide customers with warm, dry rooms, reduced energy bills, and a lower carbon footprint. As with all our skylights, Aero Pitch is completely thermally broken and features in-frame insulating sections or ‘breaks’ to conductivity to provide an effective barrier between internal and external temperatures. This protects buildings against cold bridging and stops any unwanted condensation or potential damage. It also features argon-filled, soft-coat, low-emissivity glass to help reflect internal heat back into the room. This lets natural light in and helps to keep room temperatures comfortable, while the laminated inner pane blocks harmful UV rays.

The safest you can get
Safety is paramount at Sunsquare, and that’s why we only use shatter-proof laminated glass – the safest you can get. Aero Pitch is also top hinged for extra security and is the first pitched roof skylight to hold a BSI Kitemark. Like all our other skylights, this means it’s been independently tested to destruction to ensure ultimate durability and endurance levels, providing complete peace of mind. It’s also rigorously tested for air permeability, weather tightness and wind resistance.

We’re really excited to have a pitched roof model in our range. Aero Pitch is flexible, thermally efficient, smart, top hinged, safe, and accredited – and we’re confident this is the skylight architects have been waiting for.

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