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I’m Andy Wolf. A freelance digital designer, animator and web designer based in London UK with more than 10 years commercial experience.

Satwinder Samra


For Satwinder Samra Redmires Reservoir is a place to look into the horizon, be at one with nature and decompress from the pressures of everyday life.

Satwinder Samra2021-06-17T11:44:47+01:00

Hannah Corlett


Hannah Corlett is hopeful that coronavirus will force us to question old habits and embrace a more flexible and frugal way of life.

Hannah Corlett2021-06-10T09:34:09+01:00

Je Ahn


Studio Weave is well geared up for remote working but founding director Je Ahn misses tea breaks, team banter and trips to the pub.

Je Ahn2021-06-04T14:01:49+01:00

Simon Allford


Simon Allford is hopeful for a way of working that is more inquisitive, more civilised, more generous and more tolerant – and equipped to build the architecture of a low carbon world.

Simon Allford2021-05-11T23:21:07+01:00

Chris Dyson


Chris Dyson is interested in the impact of the pandemic on transport and is working on a project to encourage cycling as a safe and secure way to move around the city.

Chris Dyson2021-05-11T23:24:36+01:00

Gill Smith


Rural Design, based on the Isle of Skye, is finding that a renewed appreciation of the natural landscape has made clients keen to progress with rural projects.

Gill Smith2021-05-21T11:11:10+01:00

Andy Puncher


Early morning walks allow Andy Puncher to tune in to the changing colours and textures of the Kent countryside and provide a much-needed respite from Zoom.

Andy Puncher2021-05-10T16:41:02+01:00

Alan Dunlop


Alan Dunlop has taken advantage of lockdown to produce a series of sketchbooks that provide a hand drawn record of an extraordinary year.

Alan Dunlop2021-05-04T19:20:56+01:00

Amin Taha


The first in a new series of portraits of UK architects by Timothy Soar captures Amin Taha in a reflective mood at the end of lockdown.

Amin Taha2021-04-06T18:20:05+01:00