For JJ Lorraine, the waves at Camber Sands are a source of positive energy and life-affirming joy that match his optimism about his practice and the future.

I’m drawn to the sound of water. Listening to the waves I become rejuvenated and enlightened by this vast, immense and wonderful gift of positive energy. Tim Soar brings out the best, his work a kind of long-range forecast for a better tomorrow; how life could or actually should be. Life open to possibilities, authenticity and empowerment.

Tim took this photograph on Camber Sands beach in East Sussex, a place I discovered was great for kitesurfing. Being there reverberated with growing up on the coastline of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Its characteristics of bigness, simplicity and freedom helped me deal with the challenges of the pandemic. I feel extraordinarily fortunate for the headspace it provides and the feelings it continues to evoke.

I’m inspired and propelled to lean into the wonder that the world gives. In sustaining a mindset of hope, and faith in what is just, then nothing can stop us. And we have lots to do.

I’m privileged to share my practice journey with inspiring, smart, decent (and fun) people. I’m but a speck of sand, but I believe that our collective efforts can and will enable a future that is inclusive, equitable and regenerative. Look how far we have come. We can do this. Nothing is impossible.

JJ Lorraine
East Sussex