Tate Harmer has completed a contextually-sensitive and environmentally-responsible housing development in south London


Kilian O’Sullivan

Designed by Tate Harmer for local developer Elysian Properties, Chalkhurst Court comprises eight apartments on a steeply sloping site in Croydon, south London. The street facade is conceived as a screen, providing residents with a degree of privacy. At the rear, the building opens up to form an intimate courtyard.


The building responds to its site via a series of projecting windows and balconies that follow the internal layouts of each dwelling. A turntable system maximises the land available and provides off-street parking for the occupants. A fully accessible flat is provided on the ground floor.

Site plan, lower-ground and second-floor plans; section

Contemporary materials have been used throughout, but with a colour palette that is intended to complement the surrounding context. Buff-coloured bricks pick up on nearby pebbledashed houses, while red-brown zinc cladding reflects the surrounding rooflines.

Designed with Croydon’s sustainability targets in mind, the development includes triple-glazed windows, high levels of insulation, and NIBE heat recovery ventilation units.

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Architect, QS, project manager
Tate Harmer
Structural engineer
Cobalt Green Construction
Elysian Properties