Hayhurst & Co has completed a playful and thought-provoking educational resource at the RIBA in London


Kilian O’Sullivan

Won in competition by Hayhurst & Co, the Clore Learning Centre at the RIBA in London is an educational facility aimed at a range of audiences, from children and families to long-life learners. Located on the fourth floor of the grade-two listed building, the 320-square-metre project includes a studio, study room, terrace and interactive display area. The intention behind the centre is to allow visitors to explore their ‘sense of space’ and develop an understanding of the architecture that surrounds them every day.

Axonometric floor plan

Conceived as a series of simple, delightful and adaptable interventions, the spaces are intended to promote an understanding of architecture through observation, testing, making and sharing. Sustainability is central to the project, with bamboo used as a constructional material, and drawer fronts, display cabinets and box stools made from recycled yoghurt pots.

LED light fittings are used throughout, and can be tuned to mimic different conditions, such as bright daylighting during the day to aid concentration and creativity, or warmer dimmer lighting that can be more conducive to group creative thinking. A mechanical ventilation system ensures a constant supply of fresh air, avoiding a build-up of CO2 that can reduce concentration and decision-making.

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