An AT webinar, supported by Geberit and Oscar Acoustics, exploring best practice design for workplace health and wellbeing is taking place on Wednesday 22nd September.

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Henrietta Street, London, by White Red Architects (ph: Freddie Marriage)

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Join us as we explore how an increasing awareness of the importance of mental and physical health and wellbeing has prompted a more sophisticated approach to the way we design and use workplaces.

Building owners and occupiers are increasingly demanding good daylight, improved air quality, better acoustics, and sophisticated temperature control. They are also calling for environments that actively reduce stress – by facilitating connections to the natural world – provide opportunities for relaxation and exercise, as well as strike the right balance between the need for collaboration and focussed individual work.

Presentations from five speakers will cover a range of important topics:

Dr Chiara Amati, chartered occupational psychologist at The Keil Centre, will discuss her experience of working with individuals, teams and organisations to promote psychological wellbeing at work.

Lynne Clapham Carter, specification manager at Geberit, will talk about the significance of workplace washrooms, and how product innovation and considered design can enhance staff wellbeing.

Carol Costello, practice leader at Cullinan Studio, will explore the consultation process for delivering successful working environments, and whether the approach taken at the NAIC can inform other forward-thinking multi-occupancy workplaces.

Joe Haire, director at White Red Architects, will demonstrate how thoughtful design can simultaneously boost wellbeing and make for office environments that stand out from the crowd.

Ben Hancock, managing director at Oscar Acoustics, will look at whether end-user health and wellbeing is being prioritised in the process of office redesigns, and how new research indicates that employee welfare is falling short when adapting workspaces.

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