A House for Artists


Apparata has designed 12 studio apartments for artists and their families in Barking, east London. Frances Holliss applauds the ingenuity and courage of a project that recognises the need for flexible, affordable accommodation.

A House for Artists2022-04-21T16:35:50+01:00

Quarry Studios


Moxon Architects’ self-built Cairngorms office makes an exemplary response to a sensitive landscape, finds David McClean.

Quarry Studios2021-08-09T12:19:02+01:00

Handyside Street


Reflections and dappled daylight animate a London office building by Coffey Architects

Handyside Street2021-02-18T15:12:56+01:00

Yorkton Workshops


Cassion Castle Architects has transformed a dilapidated block in Hackney into a contemporary design office

Yorkton Workshops2021-02-18T15:18:53+01:00

Business and Pleasure


Building Review Turner Works mixes low-cost workspace and a leisure destination in a development that seems well suited to uncertain times, finds Louis Mayes

Business and Pleasure2021-05-18T16:49:12+01:00