ABB presents its inspirational architectural video series


The video series features innovative buildings around the world and the architects behind them. It explores building design in the context of location, impact, purpose and new technologies.

ABB´s new video series, ‘Frozen Music’, is named after the inspirational phrase ‘architecture is frozen music’, which was made popular by authors such as Wolfgang von Goethe.

Each of the three-minute videos demonstrates how thoughtful design and the use of technology creates a smarter and more sustainable environment, whilst supporting our lifestyles.


Top: Episode #2 features the AC Hotel Ulriksdal by Living Design in Stockholm, Sweden. The interior design is both vibrant and timelessly elegant.
Above: Katrin Foerster, International Key Account Manager/Architects/ABB, presenter of FROZEN MUSIC video series, episode 2, AC Hotel Ulriksdal

“Architects play a significant role in the creation of our habitats through building design,” said Katrin Foerster, ABB’s International Key Account Manager for Architects and the presenter of the videos. “Each video focuses on a special project and the creative mind behind it. They will be of great interest to not only architects and designers, but also everyone who is interested in good design. This will appeal to planners, developers, hoteliers and everyone working in the construction and design industry, both clients and end-users.”


Warm and welcoming: Lobby, reception and bar of AC Hotel Ulriksdal in Stockholm by Living Design

The second episode of ‘Frozen Music’ features the AC Hotel Ulriksdal, which is the first AC Hotel by Marriott in Scandinavia. It opened in March 2020, just shortly before the Corona crisis hit Europe.


View from the lobby to bar and restaurant of AC Hotel Ulriksdal by Living Design, Stockholm

Swedish architect Olle Rex created the building with clean and modern aesthetics that align with the surroundings. The interior was conceived by Living Design, also from Sweden. Tarek Hegazy, CEO and Creative Director of Living Design, gives an insight into his inspirations. Influenced by the nearby Ulriksdal Palace and the old Ulriksdal Racecourse, Living Design created the lobby, bar and restaurant areas in a vibrant, but elegant and very harmonic style.


Top and above: Design Details in the Lobby and Restaurant of AC Hotel Ulriksdal by Living Design, Stockholm

One of the challenges encountered was the need to appeal to both local and international guests. The designers responded to this by including traditional Scandinavian materials and forms that underline and complement the urban character of the hotel. Living Design also focus on environmental considerations, such as the use of natural materials, products with green accreditations and suppliers with sustainability initiatives like carbon reduction.

When it comes to interiors, even the smallest details are important. ABB light switches, for example, are much more than a basic commodity – they are also important design objects. The Busch-axcent® pur for instance introduces new possibilities with different materials, colors and textures. Overall, the hotel pays homage to the history of Ulriksdal, mixed with the modern comforts of today.


Contemporary, very pleasant and functional: the guest rooms at AC Hotel Ulriksdal by Living Design, Stockholm

You can find out more about this project and ABB’s interior accessories at these links:

Celebrating the architects of spaces that are intelligent, attractive, and environmentally friendly while supporting purpose of use and enhancing quality of life for residents is at the heart of ABB’s “Frozen Music” video series.

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