An AT Schüco webinar exploring the future of healthcare design is taking place on Wednesday 28 April.

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New Karolinska Solna by White Tengbom Team (ph: Fredrik Sweger)

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the inadequacies of our healthcare building stock. However, the government’s £3.7 billion hospital construction plan offers a real prospect for positive change. So what are the opportunities for architects? And how do we design and adapt healthcare buildings to meet the needs of current and future generations? In this forthcoming AT webinar, in partnership with Schüco, four key speakers will explore these questions and more.

Sophie​ Crocker, architect and health researcher at HKS, will discuss how the practice’s FleXX Hospital principles provide improved operational continuity in a pandemic ‘surge scenario’, as well as provide a return on investment over the lifespan of the building.

Christopher Shaw, founder of Medical Architecture, will explore the company’s evidence-based approach to healthcare buildings and how this informs strategy and longer-term horizons to investment and planning decisions.

Lianne Knotts, director of Medical Architecture, will discuss the role of specialist accommodation and the importance of designing hospital environments that promote wellbeing and recovery.

Charlotte Ruben, partner at White Arkitekter, will examine the importance of adaptable and motivating environments for staff and patients during a prolonged pandemic, as well as how daylight, views, art and interior design make a difference to sustainable care environments over time.

Other key topics up for discussion include learning lessons from the pandemic, rethinking medical typologies, the role of modular construction and new materials, as well as the importance of holistic design and wellbeing.

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