Designing daylight solutions for offices spaces using VELUX Modular Skylights

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Through the effective design of daylight solutions within offices, productivity, comfort and the mood of employees has been shown to improve to such an extent that the costs involved of designing, specifying and installing such solutions becomes an overall cost-effective decision. After our homes, we spend the next largest part of our lives at work, and over the past few decades the majority of our workplaces have moved indoors – especially into office environments. Good light and ventilation, including the use of openable skylights, can increase comfort and productivity levels of office workers.


The Ministry of Defence’s new UK Hydrographic Office employs 200 VELUX Modular Skylight system modules as part of its natural lighting and ventilation strategy 

Currently, an average of 36 per cent of the European workforce (approximately 81.4m people) work in an office environment, spending roughly 30 per cent of their waking hours each year in these spaces. Creating comfortable and healthy offices has been proven to have a significantly positive effect on workers’ productivity and efficiency, so investing in good office design makes business sense and is likely to repay the additional investment many times over.


Addressing lighting, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, as well as noise pollution are key considerations if ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ is also to be avoided. More than 80 per cent of European workers in office-based sectors stated that they are exposed to excessively high or low temperatures close to 25 per cent of the time. VELUX Commercial has worked on a number of state-of-the-art office projects for companies that have recognised the importance of daylight for the well-being of their staff as well as for productivity.

200 modules of the VELUX Modular Skylight system were installed as part of an innovative lighting and ventilation strategy designed by AHR for the Ministry of Defence’s new UK Hydrographic Office. Modularised and prefabricated, the skylights simplified a complex specification for natural daylight and provide both first-class ventilation and modern aesthetics in a central atrium at the heart of the new development.

You can read more here about how the specification of the VELUX Modular Skylight solution was utilised as part of the UK Hydrographic Office’s ventilation strategy.

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