A new webinar from Vandersanden shows how brick innovation can take architecture to a new level

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Innovative brick design and manufacturing techniques are transforming the material’s capability to act as a beautiful, imaginative and versatile canvas for building design. Now is the time to think differently about the boundless creative possibilities the humble brick can bring to ambitious architects who wish to embrace different colours, textures and finishes in their projects.

Architects seeking to unlock this potential can find out more in a new webinar from Vandersanden entitled, ‘The brick: special techniques and innovations’. It starts on Wednesday 5 August and continues throughout the month.


With a manufacturing heritage that spans more than a century and is built on an ethos of innovation and craftmanship, Vandersanden’s brick expertise is unrivalled. The company’s clear focus on continuing design and manufacturing innovation also sets the brand apart. ‘The brick: special techniques and innovations’ webinar will take a deeper look at the intricacies of brick production as well as the multitude of brick types available, including hand-form, water-struck, wire-cut and brick slips.

Mathew Davies, Vandersanden UK’s National Specification Manager, will explain the key manufacturing processes and techniques traditionally used to achieve a wide range of colour, texture and creative finishes. He will also look at new manufacturing techniques that are unique to Vandersanden and allow architects to take a variety of exciting and innovative approaches to their designs using brick.

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“Brick is a wonderful material”, comments Darren White, Sales Director at Vandersanden UK. “The innovation taking place within design and manufacturing allow architects to deliver designs that will excite their customers and create buildings that will make a statement in their environments. This webinar will provide a background in how bricks are created and the multitude of options that are available.”

‘The Vandersanden Inspiration Series’ is a programme of free-to attend webinars for architects and specifiers. The series continues every Wednesday at 2pm with a variety of different webinar themes on Webinar Wednesday, every week at the same time until further notice.


Vandersanden produces a vast array of high-quality bricks in different finishes and colours, ranging from reds and browns, to greys, creams and buffs, that inspire and enable the design and construction of beautiful buildings.

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