Specifiers can transform bulky ceilings into stylish, wafer-thin surfaces with Oscar Evo-Blade knife-edge trim from Oscar Acoustics. With a shallower angle than rival trims, this innovative high-end product effortlessly creates dramatic transitions between ceiling heights. The Evo-Blade is ideal for fine hotels, luxury homes and upscale commercial settings.

Oscar Evo-Blade at the Four Seasons Hotel London
The two Michelin-star La Dame de Pic Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square is the ideal place for an intimate dinner or dynamic business lunch. To enhance the upscale eatery’s luxurious aesthetic, the restaurant designer wanted to create wafer-thin raft ceilings; a simple goal if the project only called for standard plasterboard and plaster.

But for noise control the ceiling also needed acoustic plaster, which would add 27mm or more to the ceiling depth and produce a bulky appearance. Oscar Evo-Blade knife-edge trim provided the solution as it works perfectly with both conventional and acoustic plasters, with the same elegant visual result.

Used with Oscar Elite acoustic plaster, the final effect was an exquisite acoustic ceiling using with a wafer-thin appearance and sharp recessed lighting channels – a true statement of sophistication.

Oscar Evo-Blade and Oscar Elite in Four Seasons Hotel London, La Dame de Pic Restaurant. Aukett Swanke and Clarke Saunders Acoustics

Sophisticated and versatile
Oscar Evo-Blade works with acoustic and non-acoustic products, from regular plasterboard to acoustic sprays and plasters like SonaSpray and Oscar Elite.

Easy installation
Made from precision extruded aluminium, the trim is easy to cut and mitre, slotting together with steel shims for a seamless aesthetic and maximum versatility.

Cost-effective solution
Competing trims are built to house only costly lighting products, but Oscar Evo-Blade works with any off-the-shelf lighting strip system.

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