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Kaldewei’s extensive range of shower surfaces, washbasins and baths is the go-to choice for hoteliers


Kaldewei’s Scona shower surface, Classic undercounter washbasin and Meisterstueck Classic Duo Oval bath

With a portfolio of more than 600 shower surfaces, washbasins and baths, Kaldewei is delighted to be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. From freestanding Meisterstuecke baths, such as the Meisterstueck Classic Duo Oval, to colour-coordinated showers and washbasins, the company is renowned within the hotel industry for its luxurious, high-end products. Numerous hotels, from international to boutique, select Kaldewei’s iconic bathroom solutions for their bathrooms.

Kaldewei’s Cayono Perfect Match: Cayonoplan shower surface, Puro S washbasin and Cayono Duo bath

Kaldewei continues to deliver elegant, style-defining sanitaryware through its long-standing collaborations with illustrious designers and design studios, such as Sottsass Associati, Arik Levy and Anke Salomon. Its portfolio is meticulously crafted from superior, 100 per cent recyclable steel enamel, ensuring long-lasting quality and durability with a 30-year guarantee. This, in combination with a wide range of styles, sizes and colours, has made Kaldewei the preferred hotel partner worldwide.


Kaldewei’s Puro Set Wide bath and Puro double washbasin

The company’s products stand up to the heaviest use, showing no signs of discoloration after decades of wear and tear. As such, they are exceptionally cost-effective. Kaldewei’s optional Easy-Clean finish prevents the formation of even the tiniest cracks where lime-scale, dirt, bacteria and soap residue can accumulate. Optional anti-slip surface finishes, such as Secure Plus, are burnt into the enamel, providing long-term safety and security for guests and hoteliers alike.

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