Project Description

Duravit’s Vero Air series of sanitaryware features striking forms and new technical advances


Vero Air is a bathroom series that combines the unmistakable character of the original Vero series with a new level of precision and proportions

Duravit’s Vero Air series retains the iconic, rectangular character of Vero washbasins while introducing new technical advances. Through the recent additions of rimless toilets, a new range of bathtubs and various items of furniture using c-bonded technology, Vero Air has become a complete bathroom range while retaining its strong, design-focused identity.

The straight interior surface and precise radii of the washbasins define the characteristic look of the series

The washbasins and bathtubs feature reduced edges and striking linear forms. The straight interior surface and precise edges of the washbasins reflect the collection’s distinctive aesthetic and can be combined with other furniture from the Vero and L-Cube ranges. Specifiers can also choose c-bonded technology, where the ceramic is bonded to the furniture to produce a minimalist masterpiece – a combination currently only provided in this form by Duravit.

Specifiers can choose Duravit’s patented c-bonded technology for minimalist designs – the washbasin and vanity unit are combined to form a single harmonious unit

The striking design of the Vero Air bathtub is a logical continuation of the Vero design language. By optimising the radii and wall thicknesses (55 mm), the washbasin is visually reflected in the acrylic bathtub’s monolithic form.

The Vero Air WC is Duravit’s first square design featuring Rimless flushing technology

The series’ toilets and bidets also adhere to the classic rectangular Vero form. Duravit has optimised the flushing system specifically for the square geometry of the toilet. Innovative Rimless® technology demonstrates outstanding performance by flushing the entire inner surface of the bowl. Clever features have been added for greater comfort and hygiene, including the use of HygieneGlaze 2.0 and the optional SensoWash Slim shower-toilet seat, both of which meet the highest standards.