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High-performance roofing and insulation products from Radmat have contributed to outstanding levels of sustainability at Bloomberg’s European HQ in London

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Designed by Foster & Partners, Bloomberg’s European Headquarters is located between the Bank of England and St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of London. Environmental performance is central to the project and has resulted in a BREEAM sustainability assessment rating of 98.5 per cent (Outstanding) – the highest design-stage score ever achieved by a major office development. Contributing to the overall success of the project are Radmat Building Products and specialist contractor Prater who delivered the roofing and external cladding systems.


One of the building’s main environmental features is its innovative roof. The complex petal-leaf design collects rainwater and cooling tower blow-off water, before it is treated and recycled (along with water from other sources, such as basins and showers) to serve efficient vacuum-flush toilets. The roof also incorporates vents, which work with bronze fins in the walls, to promote natural ventilation.

The complex nature of the roof was particularly challenging for the project team. Waterproofing had to be carried out to the structures behind the large-scale bronze blades, as well as the underside of the facade glazing. The varying angles and densities of the blades made it particularly difficult to install not only the waterproofing, but also the insulation and MinK filter sheets and finishes. Despite this, the specialist team carried out rigorous testing throughout the process to ensure that the structure was waterproof and thermally efficient.


Radmat’s PermaQuik PQ6100 Hot Melt Monolithic guaranteed waterproofing membrane was the perfect solution. It combines excellent waterproofing performance with toughness, durability, flexibility and strong adhesion to a variety of substrates including zero falls. It is also BBA-certified ‘for the design life of the roof in which it is incorporated’.


The building’s vast workspaces and meeting rooms required optimum aural levels for communication and concentration. Radmat’s ProTherm XENERGY SLP and PDS ProTherm G XPS X 500 SL thermal insulation was specified as it was able to meet the demands for high-standard insulation while also conforming to important efficiency targets. The insulation also cancels out noise from the city centre while preserving high acoustic quality inside the building and adhering to the required optimum aural levels.


Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters is widely regarded as a new visual icon and one of the most sustainable and efficient office buildings in the world. Its success in terms of construction and day-to-day performance has been aided by Radmat’s high-performance buildings products.

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