A House for Artists


Apparata has designed 12 studio apartments for artists and their families in Barking, east London. Frances Holliss applauds the ingenuity and courage of a project that recognises the need for flexible, affordable accommodation.

A House for Artists2022-04-21T16:35:50+01:00

Hipped House


Oliver Leech Architects has extended an inter-war house in Epsom, Surrey, adding a hipped roof extension covered in custom-made tiles to accentuate the form of the original property.

Hipped House2022-05-11T11:56:28+01:00



RX Architects has completed a pink pigmented concrete house on Camber Sands beach, which features a completely flush facade that stops sand build up.


Still standing: Lloyd’s of London


Is the Lloyd’s building a monument to reason or just a wilful mess? Contributing editor Ian Volner hazards an irreverent guess as to the motives behind Richard Rogers’ inscrutable design.

Still standing: Lloyd’s of London2021-08-25T16:39:41+01:00

Waterfront Clubhouse


Abin Design Studio has designed a clubhouse in Bansberia, West Bengal, using crowdfunding, local craftsmen and personal contacts to turn a modest government grant into a community gathering place that punches above its weight.

Waterfront Clubhouse2021-08-25T16:38:48+01:00

House Recast


Studio Ben Allen's pigmented concrete extension to a Victorian terrace in Haringey has been named the winner of this year's Don't Move Improve! competition.

House Recast2021-06-22T18:12:03+01:00

House of cards


Elastico Farm has designed a pair of houses at Torrazza Piemonte outside Turin, that experiment with the structural possibilities of granite and disrupt the monotony of the suburban setting.

House of cards2022-05-11T12:02:19+01:00

Shells and Core


Oysters provide inspiration for Mæ’s concrete facades at Royal Wharf

Shells and Core2022-05-11T12:48:40+01:00

Coille Beag


Building Snell David seeks to root a new concrete and timber house in its woodland site

Coille Beag2021-01-03T20:03:46+01:00

Serious Delight


Building Review
Peter Stewart enjoys the rigour and wit of a conjoined primary school and residential tower designed by Henley Halebrown

Serious Delight2020-07-29T17:15:39+01:00