Learning from: Noguchi


For cultural critic Yuki Sumner, the work of Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi is a reminder that the best designers are inspired by travel, life experience and a willingness to step outside their comfort zone.

Learning from: Noguchi2022-05-11T11:51:24+01:00

Learning from Will Alsop


Will Alsop’s 2005 proposals for a coast-to-coast northern SuperCity may have seemed a stretch of the imagination but many of its ideas are very relevant today, argues Chris Williamson of Weston Williamson + Partners.

Learning from Will Alsop2021-06-16T11:05:11+01:00

Bags of Style


Studio MUTT has completed a striking fashion exhibition at London’s V&A Museum

Bags of Style2021-05-18T16:48:57+01:00

Taking Time


Interview The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is staging an exhibition on the work of architect Anupama Kundoo. In an interview for the catalogue, Martha Thorne talks to her about technology, design methods and life in a utopian community

Taking Time2021-01-08T15:04:08+01:00

Remote Viewing


Digital events have allowed the continuation of cultural life during lockdown, but will we want them when it’s over, asks Ruth Lang?

Remote Viewing2020-06-30T13:53:59+01:00

The Classicism of Modernity


Furniture designed by the writer Curzio Malaparte for his celebrated house on Capri is now going into limited production, and exhibited at London’s Gagosian Gallery. The richly symbolic pieces can be seen as temples to domestic rituals within an interior classical landscape, says Robin Monotti Graziadei.

The Classicism of Modernity2020-06-22T18:07:45+01:00

Degrees of Truth


Within Sir John Soane's Museum artists Langlands & Bell reflect upon architecture's capacity to bear witness to the relationships that define society

Degrees of Truth2020-03-05T15:29:08+01:00

Rock Solid


A new exhibition reflects a rebirth of interest in stone as a sustainable, beautiful and inexpensive structural material, say curators Amin Taha, Steve Webb and Pierre Bidaud

Rock Solid