Kharkiv must be rebuilt by architects with experience in Ukraine


Leaders of the Kharkiv School of Architecture have responded to Norman Foster's plans to create a new masterplan for their city, welcoming the attention of a “big name” architect but hoping it will provoke a discussion about who should be involved in the process. 

Kharkiv must be rebuilt by architects with experience in Ukraine2022-04-22T13:44:25+01:00

Narbo Via


Foster + Partners has designed a museum of Roman antiquities for the city of Narbonne in the south of France. Alessandra Fanari enjoys the ambiguities of a sophisticated building where the distinction between architecture and exhibits is decidedly blurred.

Narbo Via2022-05-11T11:49:41+01:00

Future Focus


Peter Murray visits the Norman Foster Foundation in Madrid, where the architect’s work will be used to shape discussion about the issues of tomorrow

Future Focus2022-05-11T11:42:07+01:00

Apple Upgrade


Foster & Partners’ redesign of the Regent Street Apple store reflects a changing attitude to technology

Apple Upgrade2017-06-15T10:13:03+01:00