San Salvatore


Pierre d’Avoine Architects has converted a chapel in rural Umbria into a private house. Louis Mayes explores a project that weaves ecclesiastical structures and spaces into a contemporary home.

San Salvatore2022-07-13T11:38:56+01:00

S-LAB by Elastico Farm


Elastico Farm has designed a lab building of interlocking pink concrete planes for the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Turin, Italy.

S-LAB by Elastico Farm2022-02-01T14:49:48+01:00

My kind of town: Nigel Coates


The British architect, designer and writer on making a second home in Florence, where he has set up a workshop in the "bowels" of the Porta Romana district.

My kind of town: Nigel Coates2021-05-26T10:28:38+01:00

House of cards


Elastico Farm has designed a pair of houses at Torrazza Piemonte outside Turin, that experiment with the structural possibilities of granite and disrupt the monotony of the suburban setting.

House of cards2022-05-11T12:02:19+01:00