Maccreanor Lavington wins the Supreme Award with South Gardens at London’s Elephant & Castle


Maccreanor Lavington’s South Gardens at Elephant & Castle, London, has been named Supreme Winner at the 2017 BDA Brick Awards, as well as the award for the best Large Housing Development. The project is the first phase of Elephant Park, a major regeneration project on the site of the former Heygate Estate, and feature bricks from Ibstock, Michelmersh and Wienerberger. This years jury was chaired by Joe Morris of Duggan Morris Architects, and included Jonathan Dawes (Cottrell & Vermeulen), Alex Gordon (Jestico & Whiles), Luke Tozer (Pitman Tozer Architects), Alex Ely (Mae), Andrew Taylor (Countryside Properties), Alexis Harrison (Arup), Tom McGuire (Grangewood Brick Services), David Cole-Adams ((Worshipful Company of Tylers and Brickmakers), Michael Driver (architect and lecturer) and Michael Hammett (former BDA senior architect). The award winners are:

Supreme Winner and Large Housing Development Award: South Gardens, London, by Maccreanor Lavington, with bricks: Michelmersh, Ibstock, Wienerberger; brickwork contractor: Lee Marley Brickwork (ph: Tim Crocker)

“The level of refinement in the detailed execution of the facades, coupled with the landscaped treatment, is exemplary. The choice of bricks is well made, with numerous types and colours providing interest throughout while linking in both with the existing surrounding Victorian context and that of the emerging redevelopment.”


Individual Housing Development – Joint Award Winner: Modern Detached, St Albans, by Coffey Architects, with bricks: WH Collier, brickwork contractor: Conamar

“The palette of materials resonates with the immediate environment, and it is nice to see the brickwork taken inside the building to provide some much-needed warmth.”


Individual Housing Development – Joint Award Winner: Pennycroft, High Wycombe, by Napier Clarke Architects, with bricks: Bovingdon, brickwork contractor: CNR Carpentry & Brickwork

“The reinvention of the arts and crafts typology, and the desire not just to meet the client’s requirements but to provide an uncomplicated plan form has led to an original planning solution, which is much admired.”


Small Housing Development Award: Barrett’s Grove, London, by Amin Taha Architects, with bricks: Ibstock, brickwork contractor: ECORE (ph: Timothy Soar)

“The architects have worked hard to avoid the ubiquitous use of stretcher bond and deliberately expressed the skin as a non-loadbearing element, making us of wide and regular joints, further expressing this contemporary application.”


Large House Builder Award: Barratt London for Blackfriars Circus and Waterside Park, London, by Maccreanor Lavington, with bricks: Ibstock (Blackfriars), Wienerberger (Waterside Park), brickwork contractor: Eastlon Brickwork

“Blackfriars Road is stately and beautifully detailed, demonstrating sound urban planning. The brickwork is the best part of the scheme, with glazed brick lining the street and characterful specials above doorways and windows.”


Urban Regeneration Project – Joint Award Winner: Dujardin Mews, Enfield, by Karakusevic Carson Architects and Maccreanor Lavington, with bricks: Michelmersh, brickwork contractor: City Brickwork

“An example of how simple legible streets can be created using houses and flats, and how two architects can work together. It demonstrates how forward-thinking local authorities can provide existing communities with much-needed council housing in the local area, rather than displacing them further afield.”

Urban Regeneration Project – Joint Award Winner: Timekeepers Square, Manchester, by Buttress, with bricks: Wienerberger, brickwork contractor: John Turner Construction

“Well integrated into the local street pattern and existing access, respecting existing buildings and maintaining and enhancing views. The uncompromisingly modern design draws on the proportions and massing of local Georgian terraced houses.”


Commercial Building and Innovative Use of Brick and Clay Products Award: Victoria Gate Arcade, Leeds, by Acme Architects, with bricks: Ketley, brickwork contractor: Thorp Precast

“The intricacy of the project is impressive and the cladding very well detailed, with great attention given to the suppression of the appearance of the joints that are necessarily present between panels.”

Public Building Award: Chester Storyhouse, Chester, by Bennetts Associates, with bricks: Furness, brickwork contractor: PLF

“The architecture of a 1930s art deco cinema has been the springboard for a vibrant and dynamic new public building. Although a substantial addition, it does not compromise the significant street presence of the former building.”


Education Building Award: Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, by Bond Bryan Architects, with bricks: Forterra, brickwork contractor: Limetree Building

“The locale inspired the design of the building – the grid pattern of narrow streets suggested the atrium and the prevalent smotth red brick called for a match. Both concepts have been enhanced to great effect, producing a building of exceptional quality.”


Outdoor Space Award: West Croydon Bus Station, by Bus Infrastructure, London Bus Service, with bricks: Ibstock, brickwork contractor: AVV Solutions

“While brick is not the central element of the project, it is used carefully in combination with other materials to provide a robust framework with which all other elements interact. This is a highly accomplished, exemplary project.”


Craftsmanship Award: Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, by John Simpson Architects, with bricks: Ibstock, brickwork contactor: Lee Marley Brickwork

“The workmanship is first class. The brick is laid with care and precision and the combination with the stone is well handled… a well crafted and beautiful addition to the college.” (ph: Andreas von Einsiedel)