Ben and Jelena Cousins miss the buzz of the office but are grateful to be working in a light-filled dining room with an ever-changing view.

As founders of Cousins & Cousins, Architecture and Interior Design Studio, Ben and I have been working together closely for the last nine years as part of a bigger team from our offices.  However, during COVID this has meant working from our dining table.

Our priority has always been to feel comfortable in our home and through these challenging times we’ve not felt trapped by it.  Sitting under the glass there is an ever-changing view, it’s a moving, seasonal  landscape – not just the same four walls. It has made things much easier and we have valued our light-filled spaces more than ever.

We have missed the round the table sessions and the spontaneity of interaction with the rest of the team. We’ve all had to make a conscious effort to protect and nurture the collaborative way that we work as a team and with our clients.

We are looking forward to going back to the office but will definitely take some positives from the situation; the constantly evolving needs of the spaces that we craft and an even bigger appreciation for the family home we designed.

Jelena Cousins
North London