Teatum + Teatum completes a flexible and vivid work and collaboration space in Sheffield


Luke Hayes

The Testone Factory in Sheffield is a flexible work and collaboration space for young creative companies. Revitalising one of the city’s oldest industrial sites, the Kelham-based project is the result of close collaboration between design communications agency and client Peter & Paul, commercial strategist Noiascape, and architect Teatum + Teatum.


The brief was for well-designed yet affordable work places capable of fostering artistic collaboration and social interaction. The floor plan is organised around a central studio space, designed to facilitate creativity, discussion and collaboration among tenants through film screenings, readings, meetings, exhibitions, events and talks. The shared space is surrounded by two serviced wings and terraces, which cantilever over the River Don.

The west wing houses a meeting room, kitchen and publicly-accessible micro-gallery, where emerging local artists can display their work. The east wing contains three micro office spaces with access to the fluid central area. 70 per cent of the 400-square-metre scheme is occupied by Peter & Paul.

“The Testone Factory is a new typology that uses flexibility and collaboration to create growth”, say Tom and James Teatum, co-directors of Noiascape and Teatum + Teatum. “That growth is a model to allow new and established creative companies to create more by working together. It requires an openness to new working methods and spatial organisations, but can result in possibilities for both small and big organisations. Importantly Testone connects with the city locally at street level and as an idea. It shows how regeneration at a local level can contribute and be a positive catalyst for change. It’s refreshing to work with a team that gives time to the possibility of ideas.”

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