James Latham adds Transformad’s innovative Tmatt and Crystal collections to its catalogue.

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James Latham (Lathams), one of the UK’s leading independent distributors of decorative products and materials, has added premium surfacing brand Transformad’s latest, high-tech Tmatt and Crystal surfacing ranges to its collection. Responding to an increasingly popular design preference for visually striking, sensuous, tactile and hard-wearing surfaces, Tmatt is a silky-textured surface with an ultra-matt finish, while Crystal is notable for its high-gloss, highly durable finish.

Manufactured using the highest-quality MDF core and the very latest in surfacing technology, Tmatt and Crystal embody ‘high-performance meeting style’. They are resistant to scratching, abrasion, moisture, and heavy impact. Designed to be used in demanding interior environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or for surfacing applications on walls, ceilings or even furniture, they can withstand heavy use whilst retaining their aesthetic appeal.

Commenting on these new additions to the Lathams catalogue, Paul Morson, Group Melamine Product Manager, said, “Transformad is one of the world’s most forward-thinking materials manufacturers, and these surfaces directly respond to a number of new design trends coming to the fore, particularly the desire to balance looks with longevity, and strength with sustainability.


We have a reputation for bringing the very latest premium, and innovative, architectural products onto the market. When we first saw Tmatt and Crystal, we instantly knew we wanted to be the first to offer UK specifiers unfettered access to these high-performance surfaces.”

Transformad’s Nicolás Villaverde added, “Working with partners whose initiatives align with our own is very important to us, and Latham’s dedication to innovative materials and sustainable design made them a natural choice to launch Tmatt and Crystal in the UK. We look forward to collaborating with them to promote these high-tech surfaces, distributing them without disruption to construction and design professionals nationwide.”

Furthermore, the introduction of these two unique products, exclusive to Lathams in the UK, form part of the distributor’s wider Summer 2022 Decors Campaign, which will showcase its extensive stock range of over 1,400 brands, styles, textures and colours.


Sensuousness on the surface
Aesthetically, Tmatt is a new collection of lacquered supermatt surfaces, which achieves a delicate-looking surface that surpasses initial perceptions. Irresistible to the touch, it’s also completely smooth, with a silken texture.

Produced in a range of on-trend colours, such as Smeraldo green, Terracotta red and a dark, inky Blue, as well as subtler white, grey, beige and black, the Tmatt range embodies understated elegance with a signature softness and warmth. Warm woodgrains in Legno Fumè, Toscano and Elba have also been incorporated into the collection, responding to a growing 2022 trend for natural timber finishes.


Dialling-up the gloss factor to 11, Crystal also has a wide range of attractive finishes, from solid colours to faithful representations of Concrete and Bronze.

The bright, clear definition of the collection’s highly-reflective finish makes it easy to distinguish from other, similar products. The maximum degree of gloss, achieved with a UV lacquer coating, gives it a light, clean and contemporary feel. This treatment also gives the surface essential hardness, important for maintaining its visual appeal in physically demanding environments.

The union of technology and nature
Easy to work, Tmatt and Crystal are perfect for a wide variety of surfacing applications from kitchen doors to bathroom splashbacks, and even interior cladding and furnishing.

Possessing superior performance qualities, both surfaces are manufactured using the latest material finishing technology to confound initial functionality expectations.

Highly resistant to staining and scratching, properties across both ranges include: anti-fingerprint treatment, high durability and abrasion resistance. Tmatt even possesses the ability to thermal-heal surface micro-scratches to maintain a consistently flawless finish, day-in-day-out.


Both surfaces are hygienic, safe and easy to maintain. Perfect for residential and commercial interiors, they are CARB2 certified, meeting the current emission standards set by CARB. Tmatt and Crystal are Lathams exclusive in the UK, available in panel sizes of 2850 x 1220 x 18mm, as well as a wide variety of colours and tones to suit any design brief.

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