Tata Steel has introduced a new third layer to its Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel

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Tata Steel’s relaunched Colorcoat Prisma prefinished steel introduces a new third layer to the product, providing architects with exciting new colour options, including metallic matts and sparkly pearlescents. The revolutionary three-layer technology also provides unrivalled performance, resulting in an extended Confidex® Guarantee of up to 40 years.

Innovation in three layers
The latest generation of Colorcoat Prisma® incorporates a cutting-edge clear coat, providing superior ultraviolet-resistance, as well as enhanced colour and gloss retention. A unique Galvalloy® metallic coating is applied first, to prepare the steel for the three-layer process. Made from zinc and aluminium, the coating forms a sacrificial layer, providing unrivalled corrosion protection – even on cut edges. A corrosion-resistant primer is applied next, followed by the chosen coloured layer. Finally, a protective clear coat with enhanced UV-resistance is added. Manufactured on a state-of-the-art product line, the product is produced in only one pass and is suitable for both facades and walls as standard.


In trend colours
Incorporating shades requested by UK and Dutch specifiers, Colorcoat Prisma® now includes Ariana, an earthy bronze metallic, and Sargasso, a solid shade of dark blue. Specially developed for the product launch, Tata Steel has introduced two colour categories: Elements and Matts. The former is a sparkly, pearlescent range consisting of five shimmering colours. The latter provides an on-trend, high-quality matt finish for exterior applications.

Superior performance
Independently evaluated at locations across the globe with varying climatic conditions, the latest generation of Colorcoat Prisma® is the most tested pre-finished steel product in Tata Steel’s history. Exposed to artificial UVA, UVB and Xenon rays in accelerated testing, the triple-layer product surpasses the highest European standards for corrosion and UV-resistance, providing unrivalled aesthetics throughout its lifespan. Added to this, Colorcoat Prisma® is certified by the British Board of Agrément, Polish ITB, U-Mark in Germany, Russian GOST standards and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

Supported by the Confidex® Guarantee
The product’s enhanced reliability and performance means that it is now available with an extended Confidex® Guarantee of up to 40 years. The industry’s most comprehensive guarantee for pre-finished steel products creates a contractual relationship between Tata Steel and the building owner. It is transferable should building ownership change, ensuring added value for prospective purchasers. Providing full rectification in the unlikely event of a coating failure, the guarantee requires no inspection or maintenance to maintain its validity, and includes factory-cut edges for its duration.

Sustainable properties
The Tata Steel manufacturing site is certified to ISO 14001, while Colorcoat Prisma® is certified to the Building Research Establishment’s standard for responsible sourcing of materials: BES6001. The product also has a Green Guide A+ rating, while fully supporting LEED and BREEAM certification schemes.

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Colorcoat Prisma® is available to the market through Tata Steel’s market leading Colorcoat® supply chain partners.

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