Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has revealed plans for a tower shaped like an infinity loop for the smartphone company OPPO in Hangzhou.


The O-Tower, or OPPO Global Mobile Terminal R&D Headquarters, contains over 161,000 square metres of office and research and development space, as well as 68,000 square metres of retail space for the mobile phone company.

A huge “O” cut through the core of the cylindrical tower is designed to provide the flexibility of floor space needed within the company, as well as reduce energy consumption and maximise natural light. It angles down towards the ground on its southern side to maximise views and the opening is surrounded by a twisting “infinity loop”.

“The tilted loop of the warped roof creates a social shortcut for the OPPO employees and their collaborators connecting the ground to the summit,” says practice founder Bjarke Ingels. “Each element is intrinsically intertwined forming the melted loop that is perceivable at all scales – from the urban landmark to the human experience—becoming a manifestation of the design simplicity that is an intrinsic part of OPPO’s brand.”


Deeper and more spacious floors will be occupied by OPPO’s research and development departments, while more shallow floors suit traditional office layouts. The staff canteen and executive lounges are designed to occupy the upper levels, which would take in views of the city’s wetlands.

The base of the atrium would provide a greenery filled public courtyard leading through to lobbies.  The three floors above are designed to be used for visitors-facing elements of the programme, including conference, exhibition and workshop facilities.

“We have attempted to imagine the future work environment of OPPO to be sustainable on a triple bottom line: economically, ecologically and socially. The compact form folding in on itself provides large flexible floor plates with the daylight access and fresh air of a slender tower,” says Ingels.

The whole facade is intended to be wrapped in louvers that provide sun shading, reducing solar gain by over 50%.

“Technology at its best should be a seamless extension of life. The new OPPO R&D Headquarters embodies this notion, sitting with ease in the scenic wetlands of Hangzhou, while negotiating between the dense urban fabric on one side and the natural landscape on the other,” says Brian Yang, a partner at BIG. “It will be an architectural manifestation of an OPPO product: effortlessly elegant, while elevating the quality of human life in the city.”


The tower is designed for a site between a lake and 2.5-acre park in Yuhang’s Future Sci-Tech City, a centre of technology entrepreneurship in the Yuhang District.

“The iconic expression of the landmark O-Tower designed by BIG is perfectly complemented and enhanced by Yuhang’s beautiful and pleasant natural waterbody and wetland landscape,” says OPPO Senior Vice President Jin Le Qin.

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