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Housing – New Models New Lifestyles

Join our webinar exploring how new housing typologies can complement contemporary lifestyles, and promote greater social cohesion and sustainability on Wednesday 31 March


Traditional housing typologies have evolved around the nuclear family, the commute, and a clear distinction between work and home. How can we rethink planning and housing to allow diverse, fluid communities to live more sustainable lives? This Architecture Today webinar will look at innovations in housing delivery in both the public and private sectors. It will also cover fresh thinking about what constitutes a successful community, the challenges and opportunities surrounding evolving delivery models, environmental targets, Modern Methods of Construction, and the renewed focus on health and wellbeing.

The presentations will draw on case studies to illustrate best practice, highlight key challenges and offer practical solutions for improving the resilience, sustainability and desirability of UK housing stock.

Arthur Kay, Founder and CEO of Skyroom, will discuss his mission to bring key workers into the city centre by building affordable housing on London’s flat rooftops.

Melissa Dowler, Director at Bell Phillips Architects, will reflect on working with the public sector to deliver housing fit for current and future lifestyles and needs.

Richard Dudzicki, Director of RDA, will explore the lessons learnt from 25 years at the forefront of ecological and Passivhaus design.

Ben Hancock, Managing Director of Oscar Acoustics, will consider the effects of noise on residential developments and acoustic specification strategies to deliver fire-rated acoustic performance.

Mark Harris, Head of Technical & Operations at Radmat, will explore roofing schemes that deliver building performance and support amenity space strategies, while also meeting or exceeding regulatory and environmental targets for public and private sector housing.

Catherine Tucknutt, Senior Associate of Proctor & Matthews Architects, will discuss Riverside Sunderland, a new low-carbon urban quarter that will reinvent the heart of the city and create 1000 new MMC homes that cater for a diverse demographic and changing 21st century lifestyles

Programme partners: Oscar Acoustics and Radmat.

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Register here to join our live webinar at 10am on Wednesday 31 March.


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