Architectural projects by British practice 6a Architects, which was founded by Tom Emerson and Stephanie Macdonald in 2001.

Holborn House


6a Architects has refurbished and extended a run-down gym in central London to create a new community centre featuring an etched-glass facade by the artist Caragh Thuring.

Holborn House2022-05-11T11:58:19+01:00

Mirror to Milton Keynes


Building Review
6a Architects’ extension to MK Gallery reflects the diverse influences that shaped the New Town, finds Sam Jacob

Mirror to Milton Keynes2019-05-07T10:06:42+01:00

Court Case


Building Review
6a Architects’ Cowan Court reinterprets the form and fabric of Churchill College, Cambridge, finds Roz Barr

Court Case2017-05-18T10:32:33+01:00

In Camera


Building Review
David Grandorge admires 6a’s secluded studio for photographer Juergen Teller

In Camera2017-05-18T10:32:49+01:00