200 Becontree


Archio has created two ‘super-sized’ villas containing dense infill housing on east London’s historic Becontree Estate. Marwa El Mubark enjoys a contemporary project that builds on the social aspirations of the original designs.

200 Becontree2022-06-28T13:39:57+01:00

Rethinking Resi


The AT housing webinar that featured 17 experts discussing everything from innovative delivery models and to MMC, to sustainability, health and wellbeing, and emerging typologies.

Rethinking Resi2022-06-07T16:37:03+01:00

Learning from: Southampton’s housing estates


The experience of living in two very different housing projects in Southampton – one traditionalist, one modernist – taught Owen Hatherley to ask questions about the impact of municipal decision-making on the evolution of his home town and embark on a career as a writer.

Learning from: Southampton’s housing estates2021-11-03T18:18:25+01:00

Debating Density


The architects of two west London housing schemes – Brentford Lock West by Mae and Umpire View by Sarah Wigglesworth architects – consider the challenges of new development in the outer boroughs

Debating Density2018-12-03T14:29:11+01:00

Creek Road


BPTW draws on historic references for a housing scheme in Greenwich, south London

Creek Road2018-03-27T12:40:49+01:00