Michelmersh releases BIM Version 4: a decade of the most advanced BIM brick files.

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Michelmersh responded rapidly to the Government’s Construction Strategy (published May 2011), with its first range of clay product files. It was also the first brick manufacturer to introduce Building Information Modelling (BIM) files in the UK, years before the competition. A decade on and Michelmersh has released BIM Version 4 (V4), its most advanced files yet. It is the only manufacturer to include Revit 2021 files to take advantage of the newest release capabilities, including advanced rendering features. This enables customers to download the highest resolution brick walls on the market. BIM V4 is also offered in a 2018 Revit version to ensure designers and contractors using previous releases of the software can continue to benefit from Michelmersh’s BIM files. Furthermore, it is the first manufacturer to provide its files in six different formats, ensuring true BIM interoperability.


Michelmersh remains at the forefront of industry innovation and sustainability, leading the way in providing intuitive, informative and supportive product data through the most up-to-date construction technology procedures. BIM advances sustainability using data generated during the design and build phases over the whole project lifecycle, enabling faster, safer, less wasteful construction and more cost-effective and sustainable operation, maintenance and eventual decommissioning of our architectural landscape.

Since the Government mandate for BIM on public procured projects in 2016, Michelmersh has observed a surge in downloads from its dedicated bimbricks.com website, the Group’s websites, and many other third-party sites such as bimstore.co. Michelmersh is also proud to be the first brick manufacturer to offer its BIM files in a variety of software, including Revit, Vectorworks, Archicad, Bentley, IFC and 3DS Max, ensuring true flexibility throughout the BIM project lifecycle.


The British manufacturer continues to show its commitment to upgrading its files alongside the latest BIM software developments, including ISO 19650 standard, which has superseded the PAS1192 standard, as well as compliance with: BS8501 (all parts) and BS1192-4 (COBie). With V4, Michelmersh is leading the industry in providing the most advanced and accessible BIM brick files on the market, including the new 20-core range from its contemporary Floren brand. This recent revision includes more than 150 products of bricks and pavers, each containing over 220 parameters, and all with improved textures to demonstrate that materials matter when it comes to specifying the highest quality clay products for your project.

Michelmersh has further developed its easy-to-use schedule material take-off sheets to offer intuitive material and object tags, making the process of specifying its products easier and more practical for its users. With a wider breadth of product meta-data parameters, the Group is confident it is providing the most current and advanced standards that comply with the Government’s programme for sector modernisation objectives. The Group’s adoption of information-rich BIM technologies, process and collaborative behaviours will contribute to the construction industry’s ability to unlock more efficient ways of working at all stages of the project’s life cycle.

Michelmersh continues to promote its BIM product files through bimbricks.com, the one-stop website for designers, contractors, facilitators and BIM managers to visit, explore, download and interact with freely available files and product information.


“Our latest upgrade epitomises the Group’s drive for innovation and sustainability,” says Frank Hanna, Joint Chief Executive Officer of Michelmersh. “V4 has again pushed the boundaries, ensuring Michelmersh continues to lead the industry in BIM. Offering the latest high-resolution rendering capabilities, with files available in six different software formats over two different upgrades, shows we have gone above and beyond for our wide base of customers.

Sustainability is a vital component of heavy industry practices, and the concept of BIM is aimed right at the heart of this. It actively encourages builders and manufacturers to work in an efficient and collaborative way, reducing waste while saving money and contractors’ time on-site, so we endeavour to continue our commitment to offer the most advanced BIM brick files to the UK construction sector.”

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