AR Residence


DeDraft adds a dusty green extension to a 1920s terraced house in east London

AR Residence2021-02-18T15:12:27+01:00

KH House


Specifiers choice Delvendahl Martin employs a rich palette of local, natural materials for a residential extension in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

KH House2021-02-16T17:10:50+01:00

Haycroft Gardens


Building Sarah Wigglesworth Architects has completed a multi-generational house in London

Haycroft Gardens2021-02-11T13:02:05+01:00

Bathurst Mews


Building Lightwells admit additional daylight to a mews property in central London converted by Edward Williams Architects

Bathurst Mews2020-12-18T09:54:25+01:00

Pitched Black


Building Gruff Architects shoehorns a finely crafted house onto a constrained backland site in south London

Pitched Black2021-01-21T16:03:21+01:00

Coille Beag


Building Snell David seeks to root a new concrete and timber house in its woodland site

Coille Beag2021-01-03T20:03:46+01:00

Uncommon Garden


Building A self-built house by Alan Power Architects makes ingenious responses to light and a tight site

Uncommon Garden2020-12-01T10:37:06+01:00

Mill Hill House


Building A London house by RISE Design Studio is conceived as a two-faced agglomeration of volumes

Mill Hill House2020-11-15T23:11:06+01:00

Twist and Fold


Building Review Lauren Teague enjoys an eccentric and intricately crafted house by Woollacott Gilmartin Architects

Twist and Fold2020-11-12T12:54:41+01:00

Can Lis


Books Jørn Utzon's Majorca house is among the world's greatest, says John Pardey

Can Lis2020-11-12T09:48:00+01:00

Architects’ Own Houses Revisited


Talk An online discussion hosted by Schueco UK and Architecture Today explored the motivations and processes behind the recent renovation of self-built houses by architects Sarah Wigglesworth and Piers Taylor.

Architects’ Own Houses Revisited2020-10-07T15:53:37+01:00

Hannington Road


Building A residential extension by Matthew Giles Architects brings the outside in and draws the inside out

Hannington Road2020-11-05T00:27:56+01:00
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