Still standing: Stockholm Public Library


Ian Volner revisits Gunnar Asplund's eccentric Stockholm library, which showcases the competing impulses of an architect who embraced Premodernism, Modernism and even Postmodernism – decades before the term came into popular use.

Still standing: Stockholm Public Library2022-06-21T16:02:34+01:00

Sara Kulturhus


White Arkitekter has completed one of the world's tallest hybrid timber buildings, a cultural complex culminating in a 75-metre-tall tower in Skellefteå, Sweden.

Sara Kulturhus2021-10-04T12:21:15+01:00

Lincoln’s Inn Renewed


MICA completes a major renovation and extension within one of London's historic legal estates

Lincoln’s Inn Renewed2020-04-30T12:23:14+01:00

Maple Magic


A tactile timber skin lines the repurposed interior of a listed seventeenth-century hospital in Baiona, Spain, by Murado & Elvira Arquitectos

Maple Magic2018-07-23T17:57:25+01:00

Library Bookend


Building Review
Fletcher Priest’s New Academic Centre neatly reframes St Anne’s College, Oxford, finds Tim Abrahams

Library Bookend2018-04-05T12:19:55+01:00

Mixed and Matched


Building Review
Bennetts Associates’ Storyhouse gives form to a rich blend of cultural activities

Mixed and Matched2017-11-13T17:11:52+01:00