Serpentine Pavilion 2022 plans revealed


Visuals have been revealed for the 21st edition of the annual Serpentine Pavilion competition, a drum-shaped structure titled Black Chapel that has been designed by Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates with Adjaye Associates.

Serpentine Pavilion 2022 plans revealed2022-05-11T11:49:51+01:00

Serpentine Pavilion 2021 by Counterspace


The 2021 Serpentine Pavilion by Sumayya Vally of Johannesburg-based studio Counterspace splices together forms taken from meeting spaces – from bookshops to markets and places of worship – significant to migrant communities in London.

Serpentine Pavilion 2021 by Counterspace2021-06-24T18:58:36+01:00

Slate Scape


Junya Ishigama's elemental 2019 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion.

Slate Scape2021-06-09T13:02:16+01:00

2018 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion


Jon Leach, director at AECOM, on realising architect Frida Escobedo's vision for the 2018 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion.

2018 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion2021-06-09T12:59:59+01:00

Tree of Life


The 2017 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, designed by Francis Kéré.

Tree of Life2022-03-15T17:26:10+01:00