Pendock’s bespoke casing solutions are designed to maximise performance and aesthetics.

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Elliptical, 8.8-metre high column casings at Birmingham University Medical School

Decorative casings and enclosure solutions have been Pendock’s area of specialism for more than three decades, combining the key attributes of aesthetics and practicality to effectively conceal structural elements and building services.

Winds of change
In 1987, when the company was formed, column casings were typically specified for their practical characteristics and were used primarily to give a uniform covering for structural steelwork and concrete columns. Since then, changing architectural demands have evolved to a point where the understanding, acceptance and application of column casings and building linings are now an integral aspect of building design.

This design confidence with casing solutions has also created opportunities for architectural and specification teams to push the boundaries and engage with Pendock to develop unique bespoke solutions beyond the more accepted and widely used products within the range.


Aerofoil section fins at Birmingham NEC

Engineering the right solution
Pendock’s technical project manager Gavin Byram explained, “Standard products still form the largest percentage of our business, particularly with column casings, where most applications can be met using metal, GRP, GRG or plywood casings from our Radius range. However, we have been involved in many projects, where a solution must be engineered to solve the needs of a particular application, whether it involves extended heights, special shapes or non-standard dimensions. Here, we typically work with architects to ensure the results are a precise match for the specification.”

Meeting design challenges head on
An early example of where bespoke casings were used to meet a complex interior form was at Birmingham Medical School. Two 8.8-metre-high elliptical casings were manufactured using a specially formed ply substrate and pre-finished with a durable Formica laminate in polar white. A further challenge to the design was to ensure the head of the column casing matched the precise curvature of the ceiling, which was achieved to ensure a seamless join.

Ellipses also feature on another bespoke project at Birmingham’s, National Exhibition Centre. To provide easy identification for the exhibition halls, Pendock manufactured a series of slender aerofoil section fins, finished in a red laminate with large metallic numbers.


11-metre high stacked column casings

It’s been more than 15 years since the NEC project was completed, which is testament to the durability of the bespoke casings, but in the intervening period, Pendock has been involved in countless other bespoke projects. Bringing things right up to date, two of the company’s latest projects have involved column casings reaching more than 11 metres high in Didcot, Oxfordshire, and a project in Coventry where pre-formed curved metal beam casings from Pendock’s Linea range are being used to conceal the interior structural supports for a glazed atrium.


Preformed metal beam casings

“Both of these projects required close liaison between the architects, contractors and ourselves,” added Byram. “However, one of the primary differences between Radius column casings and Linea building linings is that Radius also includes a range of standard sizes, in addition to bespoke options, while Linea is entirely bespoke, and all products are manufactured to meet individual specifications.”

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