Clifford’s Tower


Chris Dyson visits Clifford’s Tower in York, where he finds restoration works by Hugh Broughton Architects and conservation architect Martin Ashley have employed intelligent sustainable timber engineering solutions culminating in a rooftop viewing platform.

Clifford’s Tower2022-05-11T11:53:27+01:00

Catching Sun House


Studioshaw has transformed a disused MOT centre in east London into a sustainable light-filled home.

Catching Sun House2022-05-11T11:52:06+01:00

A roadmap to retrofit: is EnerPHit the answer?


Watch our webinar with Schüco, exploring the future of EnerPHit and whether the standard provides a realistic and affordable roadmap to retrofitting our historic building stock.

A roadmap to retrofit: is EnerPHit the answer?2021-12-06T12:50:36+01:00

Stephen Lawrence Prize 2021


The Water Tower by Tonkin Liu has been awarded the 2021 RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize for best new UK project with a construction cost of under £1 million.

Stephen Lawrence Prize 20212021-10-26T16:58:36+01:00

Lavender Hill


Sergison Bates has converted the site of a former sheet metal factory in Lavender Hill, London, into a community of nine dwellings with a courtyard garden at its heart. Patrick Lynch enjoys the uncanny sensation of stepping into the backyard of a busy London street and being transported to an entirely different world.

Lavender Hill2021-10-27T12:14:48+01:00

Redhill Barn


Type has sensitively converted a derelict barn in Devon into a new home for a retired couple on a mission to rewild the surrounding 25 acres of farmland.

Redhill Barn2021-10-12T11:10:06+01:00

Fit for the future


Sanya Polescuk Architects has retrofitted an unloved 1950s terraced house to make a home that is refreshed, expanded and entirely fossil-fuel free. Sanya Polescuk explains the practice’s approach to balancing conservation issues with the urgent need to inject our housing stock with a new and sustainable lease of life.

Fit for the future2021-08-30T18:36:50+01:00

BlueSky Barn


31/44 Architects has converted an old grain store in the Norfolk countryside into a family home, using a palette of materials that plays on the mundane rural typology.

BlueSky Barn2021-08-25T16:37:31+01:00

Paddington Pantheon


Jonathan Tuckey Design creates a diminutive double-height gallery within a west London mews house

Paddington Pantheon2020-07-22T14:48:35+01:00

‘Rebuilding Notre Dame’


A year after fire ravaged Notre-Dame de Paris, a TV documentary shows encouraging signs of progress in a reconstruction project that raises both structural and philosophical problems, says Donald Insall

‘Rebuilding Notre Dame’2020-05-12T14:39:55+01:00

Moderne Remodelled


Ben Adams Architects creates a colourful co-working space within Manchester's iconic Daily Express Building

Moderne Remodelled2020-06-18T10:33:57+01:00