Sika is leading the way with first ever Silver Cradle to Cradle Certified roofing membrane.

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Governments, the general public and companies alike are demanding more in terms of sustainability. This is why the launch of the Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified Sarnafil Advanced Technology  – the first and only UK roofing membrane to meet this level of sustainability criteria – is an exciting development for the UK roofing industry.

Malleable, durable and sustainable: the versatile new Sarnafil AT technology has all the ease of use and exemplary attributes associated with single ply roof membranes, but elevates them to a higher level, into one new ‘Advanced Technology’ Sarnafil AT. The technology combines the advantages of FPO and elastomer membranes (as a hybrid).

Ease of application and a long-lasting, high-level performance are just a few features of this cutting-edge new technology. But as exciting and innovative as the practical uses of Sarnafil AT are, it is its exceptionally high level of sustainability certification which is an especially intriguing new development for the industry.


With sustainability once again coming to the forefront of an increasingly environmentally-conscious market, improved sustainability credentials of products are becoming an expectation, not a desire. The building and construction sectors are historically a heavy contributor to carbon emissions, and are responsible for almost 40 per cent of global CO2 emissions. With government initiatives in the UK pushing for a greener, more eco-friendly future, the focus on replacing existing methods and products with sustainable alternatives is quickly intensifying.

What only a decade ago seemed an unlikely and distant future is being forged in the present by pioneering products like Sarnafil AT, which now offers a more sustainable option for single ply membranes in the UK without compromising on quality.

With the introduction of the Green Claims Code into legislation in 2021, companies must ensure that any environmental claims they make are factual and substantiated. For those that want to go above and beyond, there are few ways better to establish your sustainability credentials than by obtaining the prestigious Cradle to Cradle certification.

The first ever Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified® roofing membrane, Sarnafil Advanced Technology, underwent a rigorous testing process

First ever thermoplastic roofing membrane to be Cradle to Cradle Certified
Sustainability has long been lauded as one of the key goals and core ethos of countless companies, but often in an arbitrary way – it can be difficult to quantify in any measurable sense. The introduction of stringent certifications like those offered by independent external organisations such as Cradle to Cradle provides a quantifiable method of judging sustainability; with a certification like this, you aren’t just saying your product is more sustainable, you can actively prove its credentials.

Sika has created the first thermoplastic roofing membrane to meet the strict criteria of Cradle to Cradle, achieving an impressive Silver certification. It is a Certified Product Standard that is used as part of the selection criteria for companies like Google in deciding which products to use in its facilities. In order to be certified, the product must be rigorously tested on five separate sustainability categories:

Material Health – this category is focused on the chemical components of the products, ensuring that they are as safe as possible for both humans and the environment

Material Reutilisation – this category intends to lower total waste production by encouraging a circular economy: all elements used for a product can either be reused or will biodegrade

Renewable Energy Use – this category evaluates the use of renewable energy during manufacturing

Water Stewardship – this is an evaluation of the water usage involved in creating the product, put in place to safeguard water quality and deter misuse

Social Fairness – examining a company’s respect of human rights and their contribution to a fair society

For Material Reutilisation and Social Fairness, Sarnafil AT was rated Gold, and overall was awarded the Silver level certification. The rating covers all levels of thickness for Sarnafil AT technology.


One of the first locations to use the new Sarnafil®Advanced Technology membrane

Sika and UN Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainability and credibility have long been at the heart of Sika’s core values; there is a clear ambition to not only meet expectations and guidelines, but surpass them.

Sarah Peake, Sustainability Manager at Sika UK, said “With the increasing scrutiny on the sustainability credentials of products – which is only magnified by the introduction of the Government’s Green Claims Code and the CPA’s Marketing Integrity Group’s Code for Construction Product Information – it’s not enough to just say ‘trust our word for it’ when it comes to sustainability. We know our product is more sustainable, but we want to prove it through external, independent verification. Transparency and integrity are key to the trust placed in our products, and sustainability is at the core of our values.

Having an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and providing a Health Product Declaration is a great start, but a truly thorough examination, as conducted for the Cradle to Cradle certification, really showcases the efforts we have made in maximising the sustainability credentials of our AT technology.”

Sika embarked on its market-leading sustainability initiative with a partial view to  contributing towards the goals set out by the United Nations, in particular UN-Sustainable Development Goal (UN-SDG) 12 (Responsible Consumption & Production) and UN-SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities).

By forging ahead of the industry and surpassing sustainability norms, Sika are helping to usher in a greener, more environmentally-sound future for the UK’s roofing industry.

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