Eastern Promise

‘The Baltic Material Assemblies’ at the AA and RIBA


‘The Baltic Material Assemblies’, a show split between gallery spaces at RIBA and the AA, presents architecture from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, investigating the “infrastructural and cultural connections that have persisted despite the political borders and conflict lines that changing regimes aimed to introduce to the region”.

Exhibits explore the dismantling or reconfiguration of Soviet-era infrastructure since the three countries joined the EU. They include holographic projections of a remodelled apartment block and remarkable documentary photographs by Jonathan Lovekin and David Grandorge.


Top: ‘Andja 3’, estonia, 2016 (ph: Jonathan Lovekin)
Above, top to bottom: ‘Auvere II’, Estonia, 2016 (ph: Jonathan Lovekin); Igalina nuclear power plant, Lithuania – turbine hall and reactor being dismantled, 2015 (phs: David Grandorge).

‘The Baltic Material Assemblies’
RIBA and Architectural Association, London
Until 25 March