A panel discussion hosted by Geberit explores the future of the office post Covid.

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A recent YouGov poll by bathroom designer and manufacturer Geberit on the impact of remote working shows a workforce that is missing both its colleagues and the work-life balance that the office provides. It also indicates that there is very little resistance from staff when faced with the prospect of a return to the workplace. Geberit hosted a discussion with a panel of experts to examine these findings and to explore how this will drive forward the de-densification of offices and future office design in a post-Covid world.

Survey lifts the lid on office hygiene
Geberit’s YouGov poll of 1000 British private sector employees found that 76 per cent would be willing to return to the office for either some or all of their working hours, if correct safety measures were put in place by firms. Socialising with colleagues was the most missed aspect of office life (51 per cent), followed by ease of communication with colleagues (46 per cent). A third of respondents missed in-person meetings, while 42 per cent missed the ability to achieve a better work-life balance. Only eight per cent of staff missed the commute.

UK workers do have some concerns around a return to the office, particularly with regards to hygiene.  Geberit’s study found that the staff communal toilet or washroom areas were the biggest concern when returning to the office. Almost half of the respondents (47 per cent) had reservations about surfaces and touchpoints in the space, with 37 per cent worried about standards of washroom hygiene. Ventilation (45 per cent) and kitchen surfaces (39 per cent) were also high on the list.

The future of office design in a post-Covid world
Click here to view our panel discussion about what offices can do to prepare for the return of staff and future office design in a post-Covid world. We discuss the ‘hotelisation’ and de-densification of offices, the importance of creating hygienic, reassuring and productive spaces for staff, as well as the design solutions and innovations that are available. The expert panel comprises Dr Chiara Amati, chartered occupational psychologist; Dexter Moren, partner at Dexter Moren Associates; property writer David Thame; and Geberit specification manager, Lynne Clapham-Carter.

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