Stiltz’s home lifts are designed to complement domestic spaces while providing high-levels of functionality and user satisfaction

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New research suggests that lighting, space and room design can positively affect mood and wellbeing. As such, architects are increasingly exploring holistic approaches, which take their cues from health-supporting human behaviours. Manufacturers of building components and systems are mirroring this approach through product development. Specialists at the forefront of the private home lift industry, such as Stiltz, are making major strides with products that complement domestic life and promote well-being through design and engineering.

Light, neutral colours create the illusion of space. White, beige, grey and muted pastel colours can make a small space feel bigger. Stiltz’s Duo and the Trio home lifts, which are also available in the USA where they are known as Stiltz Home Elevators, are designed designed to blends effortlessly with their surroundings, and are supplied in a stylish matte grey as standard. Bespoke finishes are also available, including different coloured lift cars, rails and interior linings.


A daily dose of natural light is essential for wellbeing, and for this reason home lift companies are building simple, elegant designs, which augment daylight penetration. High-end domestic lift provider Lifton, provides a unique, transparent cabin surround that allows daylight to flood into the room, while providing passengers with a panoramic view.

Less is more. Clean lines, smart storage and quality over quantity. An uncluttered space is calming and relaxing. Simple is beautiful. And beautiful converts. This is why minimalist home lift designs are becoming highly desirable with end users and project managers.


Space is a key tool of architecture and home lifts do not have to compromise on this anymore. Gone are the days when a lift in a residential property would mimic that of a clunky commercial elevator. Today’s compact and slender modular designs can fit under doorways and low ceilings, as well as behind cupboard doors, into corners and even turning staircase voids. Stiltz’s market-leading Duo home lift, for example, has a footprint of less than one- square-metre (0.62m²).


Architecture works best when it is able to meet an occupant’s physiological intellectual and emotional needs. Stiltz marketing manager Yola Mealing says, “When you find the right home lift for your home, it’s an emotional experience. It completely changes the way we move around our homes. It evolves the way people relate to their homes overnight. Our domestic lifts are designed to go anywhere, save on space, maximise daylight and carry happy passengers smoothly between floors at the touch of a button.”

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