The specificity of landscapes and built form are evoked in architect John Melvin’s paintings, currently on show in London


‘John Melvin: Paintings of Place’ is at D Contemporary, 23 Grafton Street, London W1S 4EY until 4 November. Details:

Colour, texture and space and an applied sensitivity to the medium of paint characterise the paintings by architect John Melvin, currently on show at D Contemporary in London. Melvin has painted all his life, starting even before he trained as an architect, and his work in two dimensions is informed rather than framed by an architectural sensibility. Half of the work on show draws on time spent in Italy – Melvin was a Sargant Fellow at the British School at Rome – and depicts time- and weather-worn walls and fragments left by lost civilisations. The more recent oil paintings respond to the vivid colours and folding, abstract qualities of the Warwickshire countryside where he lives.


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